Learn to Juggle with truly Fun Team Building!

Get your Team going!
First, an exciting performance to get everyone loosened up and laughing.
Then, everyone gets involved by learning to Juggle!
Juggling is great for:
• Brain Exercise
• Increased Focus
• Coordination
• Fitness
• De-stress
• Balance
• Vision
• Ability to Show Off!
All this with a fun and healthy activity that really is easier than you think.

More Details:

A typical team building session runs one hour and includes both performance and lesson.
Groups of up to forty can learn to juggle at the same time, with equipment provided.
You have the option to add equipment for your team to take home.
Add more Sessions. Flexible to the size of your team and your scheduling needs.

Participants Say:
“Super digged it! I like that the instructor brought in the brain function behind juggling"
"FUN! One more thing checked off my bucket list!"
"I was mesmerized by his ability to juggle like there was nothing to it! He educated all of us about some facinating benefits from juggling regularly. I am excited to hone my juggling skills!"
“WOWZER! I never knew I was so unable to focus. Awesome activity to revisit youth and realize just how much difference 15 minutes a day can make! Awesome!"
"Can’t wait to show my family my new skills!"

The brain building benefits of juggling are no joke. Click here for a good article that mentions several of the studies. Remember, better focus means greater productivity!
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